An interactive journey
Explore and master the underworld of risk

Inspired by a true story

Isabelle Kane
Kidnapped by Colombian rebels on July 20, 1988

A young senior engineer in hydraulics falls victim to political instability in Colombia, where ruthless militarized groups fund their operations by kidnapping and blackmail.

For two weeks, nobody knows if Isabelle is dead or alive, until a ransom request is delivered at the Swiss Consulate in Medellin.
A story told after 20 years of silence
J.P. Mottu, negotiating for the life of his employee

A top Swiss executive finds himself in charge of saving Isabelle. After heavy negotiations, he reaches an agreement with the kidnappers. But when the delivery of the ransom disastrously fails, all trust is shattered.

J.P. must act quickly - take bigger and bolder steps, and go deeper inside risk to rescue the hostage.
Would you break the law to save a human life?
One million dollars must be smuggled through Colombian customs to save Isabelle.

Will you carry the briefcase yourself?

If caught, you would be subject to a 5-to-7 year jail sentence.
Navigate through a cinematic story
Learn to negotiate under extreme conditions
Reveal your risk tolerance

Go Inside Risk