“A frighteningly realistic simulation of business risk and high stakes decision-making”

Robert Harpel, CTO, Fitch Ratings

An immersive journey that will bring you to the core of your leadership

A full-length participatory experience incorporating film, multimedia and live moderation, Inside Risk / Shadows of Medellin is based on a true story told after decades of silence.

Through a series of sessions embedded in the course of the story, participants must deal with the core issues involved in a hostage situation and make decisions on the spot. They are then led to reflect on their leadership qualities and identify the biases preventing them from achieving their full leadership potential.


Find out how you function in the loneliness of extreme decision-making.

Challenge your risk-taking abilities.

Discover your team’s dynamics while facing conflict.

“InsideRisk has certainly raised the bar for us in terms of meaningful content at our conferences.”

Gael Filippini / Director, Customer Service
Bupa Insurance Group (Melbourne, Australia) – Organizer

An experience that can be tailored to the needs of your company

Together with you, we can customize InsideRisk / Shadows to ensure that your employees and colleagues get the most out of the experience. The various sessions embedded throughout the story – during which participants are required to make extremely difficult decisions – are designed to be flexible. Each decision can be assorted with transfer points, tightly connecting the experience to the participants’ professional realities.

“A unique and memorable way to take a deep and honest look at our resilience and leadership skills.”

Bruno Giussani, International Curator

About the true story:

Back in 1988, J.P. Mottu, a Swiss executive, finds himself in charge of negotiating the release of his employee, Isabelle Kayne, kidnapped by a revolutionary group in Colombia. After tense negotiations, he reaches an agreement with the kidnappers. But when the delivery of the ransom disastrously fails, all trust is shattered. J.P. must act quickly – take bigger and bolder steps, and go deeper inside risk to rescue the hostage.

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Download the booklet (PDF):



Depending on the format chosen, the event can last from three hours to a full day.

InsideRisk can take place in a wide variety of venues, including conference room, auditorium, and theater. In New York City, the Times Square InsideRisk exclusive Situation Room can be booked for corporate events.

Equipment to be provided by with venue:
HD projection system, PA system, dimmable lights, high-speed wi-fi.
For more information, email executive@insiderisk.com