InsideRisk is a series of narrative live events and interactive TV episodes placing the audience at the center of decision-making – based on true stories and created by producer/director Edouard Getaz with an international creative team including psychologists, leadership experts, filmmakers and TV producers.

Edouard Getaz, Founder

Robert deLiefde, Managing Director

Stephen Greco, Editorial Director

The story currently available, Shadows of Medellin, is based on the 1988 story of a kidnapping in Colombia and the real-life hostage negotiations conducted by Swiss executive Jean-Pierre Mottu.

Co-directed by Andrei Severny, and written by Stephen Greco, Shadows of Medellin also features leadership expert and former hostage negotiator Prof. George Kohlrieser as on-screen guest. 

Shadows of Medellin will be the first episode of an interactive TV series coming up this fall; it is also part of InsideRisk’s Leadership Program and IMD Business School’s High Performance Leadership program, ranked No. 1 in “Top Open Programs” worldwide by The Financial Times.

Our flagship InsideRisk Situation Room™ is located in New York City’s Times Square area. Corporate events can be organized on demand.

InsideRisk was founded by producer/director Edouard Getaz, who has produced several critically acclaimed and award-winning titles in various formats – live shows, video, apps, etc.

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